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New to the Community
shadow_searcher wrote in animal_quills
Hello, I am new hence the subject. I wanted to introduce myself properly so you all can accept me into the community a little better.

My name is Shadow_Searcher, Or you may call me Kristi if you like. I don't want to beat around the bush so I will just come out straight, I have been soul searching myself, studying and meditating for a long time. Just recently I was searching online for essays to help my search.
I came along a site called Thebaide. I looked over the essays there and the links, and found this community. Of course I jumped on the chance to talk with people that have been doing this longer then me. So I signed up, and am now hoping to be able to be as active as I can. I prefer to observe more then be in the conversation myself, but if it interests me, or something of that matter know that I will make time to post.
Be assured I do NOT plan to spam this place with junk, lie/rp things, mess with people, or involve myself in idiotic arguments or posts. Because I am not a fan of conflict. Sorry for being so formal and serious, I like to search. So getting into stupid things, is a waste so I'd rather avoid it.

I apologize in advance if I say something that isn't what you believe, but insults are not needed just give me your opinion on it. I am open to suggestions/ideas/ and everything else. I don't have a set of beliefs that I would hurt some one over if they didn't agree. Because having a closed mind isn't all that fun now is it? =)
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loosen up a little, we're not THAT uptight :P all we ask is that you respect other's beliefs. Discussion/debate is ok, but idiocy and bashing people is not. keep it intelligent and you'll be fine.

Hope to see you around more!

Haha, sorry I tend to be serious so I can show that I am not here to bash or be a complete idiot.
Plus Therian is a subject I am very tender on, so I don't like beating around the bush, or anything like that.

But thank you for welcoming me!

not a problem! :D being serious can be a good thing, no worries. but like paleo said, it comes across as a bit defensive. *shrug* and that's really not necessary - we're all here for the same thing!

as for me, I prefer to be humorous and easygoing - my writing speaks for itself ;)


Sorry for being so formal and serious, I like to search.

None of those are bad traits at all; no need to apologize. (And to tell the truth, the community could always use more such people.)

Thank you, I am glad you think that.
But yes again thanks for welcoming me.

(Deleted comment)
yeah, I do tend to put up a defense or wall so to speak so that I don't accidentally slip on something and offend someone.

But yes, your Icon is pretty awesome too =D
If you like I can change mine.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah I agree is can be a type of cover up for a weakness, I thought I was making a good impression. But I most have forgotten when I was writing this, that most of you are animal. Non-therians would have taken me as a very business manner. Kind of funny that I would make that mistake.

Anyways the icon, its either from a japan anime show or something like that. Can't really remember.

btw Paleo.. I think I know you. You wrote about the Dire wolf didn't you?
I enjoyed reading your essay's if you are the same one. I believe I might have a dire wolf myself. But I can not be certain just yet. I am not really new, but yes I haven't been soul searching and questioning myself long enough to know completely.

Hello there and welcome. I'm a bit curious about you and how you relate to animal-things and such subject, but I guess that'll come in time. Please simply keep in mind this is a writing group first, not some place to seek guidance or specifically ask for help like most other therian communities.

I hope you've envoyed what you've read so far and I look forward reading more from you myself, if you feel inspired someday.

Yes I am testing the waters of my therian self, so I to may post some writings for others benefits. But I also joined to read others events and thoughts.

Thank you for welcoming me, and yes a lot of the essays on here are very lovely.

Definitely curious about future animal-related future posts, but as aloϊs said, that'll come with time.

Meanwhile, welcome! ;)

Hi! When reading your post I noticed you were from Colorado. What part if you don't mind me asking, I'm mostly in Fort Collins.

Also, most therians won't bite your head off, so don't worry about it, the ones who do are usually big hypocrites or aren't really sure of themselves.

Ah that is great!
I love when I find therians close to me.
And no worries I am west of Denver, in kind of a suburb called Arvada. Its south of you I think.

Cool, I grew up in Littleton so I know where Arvada is. Fun stuff!

Yeah very cool!
Your like the second person I have met that lives in Colorado.
Glad I did end up joining, its nice to meet close therians.

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