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shadow_searcher wrote in animal_quills
I decided to try and add a recent and very simple writing.
Sorry for such the horrible first writing, but its one of the only ones that are actually understandable.
No need to read its not that important but decided to post  here because I mean hey it is a writing for therian subject.

This is the first essay I decided to post on here, it being more recent. Well its just to get my juices flowing so I can continue writing essays etc. on here and make them readable for other people. Especially newer therians, or someone who is just interested, I need to practice this because when I tend to record my thoughts, or whatever I am writing about, I tend to make it like how I think of it in my mind. Its like a bunch of ramblings that usually I can only really understand. Hard to explain in full detail but, I am just going to assume you understand and move on to the actual writing. But before I start, I decided to go easy on this. Its not very chalk full of information on 'how to find your animal' or anything. But for my first writing here I decided to start simple on some thoughts that I experienced when I went to stay with my father for a couple of days.

July 24, 2008, I had decided to visit my dad because of the fact I haven't seen him in quite some time. He had just recently moved to a farm type of area, so of course he had a smaller house and a huge yard filled with just open space and trees. I had brought one of my best companions, Max my Siberian husky. So he to also seemed to love the running space. Well my dad had gone to work, leaving me and Max alone at his home. Deciding to go exploring around the land, I got Max and we went out the back door stepping into the light of the sun. As my feet hit the open earth I felt warm tingling on the bottoms of my feet that sent jolts up my body. It felt so natural being barefoot on the grassy earth. No cement, no asphalt, nothing but the earth itself. Before I was even conscious of running, I already had jumped the small fence to help keep coyotes out and was dashing through the high grass with Max besides me. It was amazing, I always felt more at home out of the city, man made towns. I finally decided to slow down to a walk and check the place out. Max kept running though, and I felt a stab of jealousy and want as I watched his four legs sore over the valley floor. I wanted to run close to the ground, I wanted to let all my paws touch the ground. It was such a stir. The urges like this have happened before, but being out in the open more with no one around made it feel even stronger. These urges are amazingly bitter sweet. They feel great, but are slightly painful and depressing because I can't really do what feels natural to me. I decided that any running is better then none and started off again trying to catch up with Max and play a game of tag, hide n seek , or wrestle. We had done all, and I even got to pick some apples which was fun because I would drop one to Max he would catch it and chomp down on it. We did this everyday we stayed, and I felt such a deep sadness in my heart when I returned home to the polluted air. It feels as if I was free but then put back in captivity, that thought made me grimace. Humans capture so many animals and put them in zoos with many enclosures so much smaller and depressing then what they are use too. I know humans do it for learning, and to help the population, but even if we are helping them, they don't know that, or feel any better.
But I suppose that there is not much people can do, whether animals like it or not, their going to continue taming the wild.
Every race likes dominance.

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You could actually copy & paste the whole thing here, it'll make it easier to find if someone is searching through the tags!

Ha right, speaking of which, I need to go back through the latest entries and make sure it's properly tagged. I haven't paid much attention but it does make searching back through old entries easier.

Sounds like such a wonderful experience. Cities just don't agree with some people eh? Will you get to visit your dad again soon?

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