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feralkiss wrote in animal_quills
Just a public post about Animal Quill's 2010 move to Dreamwidth, to let you know that thanks to the new "import community" DW feature, as of yesterday all of the (LJ) past entries have been mirrored to the present-day group (DW). The security settings are unchanged (ie. locked entries are still locked, etc), and the authors can access their writings via OpenID.

Feel free to join us over at DW to share your stuff and keep up with the new content (most of which is locked entries accessible to members only), or subscribe to our feed. :) LJ users can watch the content posted on DW through LJ OpenIDs.

(I have DW Invite Codes left if anyone need, and if the registration to DW closed again, so you can join anyway. Just send me a private message.)

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