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Animal Quills

Therian Writings and Musings

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Animal Quills has moved over to Deamwidth - but I'm putting all of my efforts into making it easy to access for people who do not wish to create a Dreamwidth account. The LJ version of AQ will remain up as an archive only - new content can now solely be added through Dreamwidth.

  • If you want to keep up with the new Animal Quills submissions on LiveJournal, you can watch the Animal Quills' RSS feed from your LJ account. You should be able to read what is posted over there directly in your LJ reading page.

  • You can also subscribe to the community on Dreamwidth using your LJ account as a basic DW account (see OpenID accounts). The process is very easy and should enable you to see private entries posted on DW.

  • If you already have a Dreamwidth account, it's even simpler: you just need to subscribe to the community over there! The community's name is just the same.

The index/summary of past writings has moved over to DW, you can check it over there.