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Animal Quills

Therian Writings and Musings

The Gist of It
Animal Quills is a creative community for animal-people to share and discuss their written works. We focus on the concrete experience of being animal inside and other related musings; discussing general theories and terminology is off-topic here (see our About page if you want to post). A lot of our entries are kept private; please respect the posters' wish and do not quote non-public content and affiliated discussions outside without their own accord.

Animal Quills
Just a public post about Animal Quill's 2010 move to Dreamwidth, to let you know that thanks to the new "import community" DW feature, as of yesterday all of the (LJ) past entries have been mirrored to the present-day group (DW). The security settings are unchanged (ie. locked entries are still locked, etc), and the authors can access their writings via OpenID.

Feel free to join us over at DW to share your stuff and keep up with the new content (most of which is locked entries accessible to members only), or subscribe to our feed. :) LJ users can watch the content posted on DW through LJ OpenIDs.

(I have DW Invite Codes left if anyone need, and if the registration to DW closed again, so you can join anyway. Just send me a private message.)

Winged Theropod Essay
proto-avian wing
For a brief background regarding this essay, I recently came to admitting to myself and to others online that I have an extinct theriotype (winged theropod) as my fourth theriotype.  The initial writing on it is on my site, and I also have another essay ("Designing a Theriotype") about some of the process of determining the specifics of what that animal "looks like", and thus what may have been the closest recognized categories of theropods and proto-avians that, if it existed, it would likely have been related to (or would be classified under one of those categories); or if I'm fortunate, to actually identify the specific genus or species of it.  Another essay on this theriotype may eventually be written at some point (I'm composing a list already of subjects I would like to cover in it) to describe more of what it is like for me to be it.  Also, the term "erdenvogel" I use to refer to this theriotype basically means 'earth-bird' in German (I would have gone with the German translation for 'ground-bird' instead but didn't prefer it), to denote it being a primarily ground-dwelling, bird-like animal.

“On Wings of a Living Past”


I suppose some people would wonder and want to pose questions to me about what it is like to have an extinct theriotype, and to be honest, at this point I must say that I don’t know what it feels like to “be extinct” (therianthropically, of course). I, and thus my theropod theriotype, am quite alive and have no conception of “being extinct”, on top of the fact that for all the time I have recognized my fourth, avian-like theriotype, I didn’t until recently realize it was even an extinct animal (assuming it was a type of animal that really did exist, and it seems likely to have been one). The conception of ‘being extinct’ does not so much for me tie into the experience, as I’d imagine it probably wouldn’t anyway. Instead it ties into my perception, knowledge, and acceptance of being this animal therianthropically and eventually reaching a likely point of knowing that I never will nor ever can see this animal in actual photos (rather than just artistic depictions), see video or hear audio of it, or read information from ethologists on its behaviors, among other details. So far I know this is the reality of my situation, yet I don’t think it’s really set in much emotionally.


However, I will say that as odd and new of a realization as this is for me, that non-therian otherkin in general often have to deal with a similar feeling, and probably many of them to a heightened extent, as they live with being animals that either never existed at all, didn’t exist on Earth, or didn’t exist on this plane of existence—some feeling extinct on top of that. Relatively speaking to that, my feelings may remain comparatively mild, though I won’t try to make blanket assumptions on whose feelings are the most warranted for knowing oneself is, in some way, a type of creature that will never be captured in photos, video, audio, or zoological texts except through the use of aesthetics and fiction. In some way, it sort of ties me together a little more to non-therian otherkin, in experience and perception of our ‘kintypes (rather than online community aspects), like I am one of the examples of a branching between most [extant] theriotypes and fantastical ‘kintypes, possibly similar in part to that of gryphons and dragons (though they are on the fantastical (or at least, non-Earth creature) side of the branching point and my extinct theriotype is on the therianthropy side).


essay continued under cutCollapse )

Skin Deep; being animal and human
eye eclipse
It's been months since anyone has posted in this community, and except for the essay I'm posting now, I haven't completed any therianthropy or otherwise relevant writings for this group's subject focus (though I have been writing, just on other topics).  It offers up a more sufficient explanation of how I view my therianthropy, not in the sense of causes, but in how I view and feel about myself as being an "animal-human", especially about that notable human aspect of having a human body and thus a human brain.  The title ("Skin Deep") is basically a play on words that seemed oddly fitting.  I sought to describe me being human and non-human without restraining the associations of body with just outward appearance, or the faults and negativities of the human species in general (nor simply the good of that species), and took the route of noting things about body that are important to who, how, and what I am, not just as human but as non-human.  And it portrays for me, my view of how my own human body is not a superficial thing, vessel, or cage.

essay under cutCollapse )

I decided to scrap the essay/blurb/whatever that I had started writing and instead write something more in-depth- and more "me"- about duiker (and eventually one about puma). It needs refining, but I thought I'd post it here and see what everyone thinks. Oh, and if someone could suggest a better title, please do. :P

The Dao of DuikerCollapse )

I decided to try and add a recent and very simple writing.
Sorry for such the horrible first writing, but its one of the only ones that are actually understandable.
No need to read its not that important but decided to post  here because I mean hey it is a writing for therian subject.

This is the first essay I decided to post on here, it being more recent. Well its just to get my juices flowing so I can continue writing essays etc. on here and make them readable for other people. Especially newer therians, or someone who is just interested, I need to practice this because when I tend to record my thoughts, or whatever I am writing about, I tend to make it like how I think of it in my mind. Its like a bunch of ramblings that usually I can only really understand. Hard to explain in full detail but, I am just going to assume you understand and move on to the actual writing. But before I start, I decided to go easy on this. Its not very chalk full of information on 'how to find your animal' or anything. But for my first writing here I decided to start simple on some thoughts that I experienced when I went to stay with my father for a couple of days.

July 24, 2008, I had decided to visit my dad because of the fact I haven't seen him in quite some time. He had just recently moved to a farm type of area, so of course he had a smaller house and a huge yard filled with just open space and trees. I had brought one of my best companions, Max my Siberian husky. So he to also seemed to love the running space. Well my dad had gone to work, leaving me and Max alone at his home. Deciding to go exploring around the land, I got Max and we went out the back door stepping into the light of the sun. As my feet hit the open earth I felt warm tingling on the bottoms of my feet that sent jolts up my body. It felt so natural being barefoot on the grassy earth. No cement, no asphalt, nothing but the earth itself. Before I was even conscious of running, I already had jumped the small fence to help keep coyotes out and was dashing through the high grass with Max besides me. It was amazing, I always felt more at home out of the city, man made towns. I finally decided to slow down to a walk and check the place out. Max kept running though, and I felt a stab of jealousy and want as I watched his four legs sore over the valley floor. I wanted to run close to the ground, I wanted to let all my paws touch the ground. It was such a stir. The urges like this have happened before, but being out in the open more with no one around made it feel even stronger. These urges are amazingly bitter sweet. They feel great, but are slightly painful and depressing because I can't really do what feels natural to me. I decided that any running is better then none and started off again trying to catch up with Max and play a game of tag, hide n seek , or wrestle. We had done all, and I even got to pick some apples which was fun because I would drop one to Max he would catch it and chomp down on it. We did this everyday we stayed, and I felt such a deep sadness in my heart when I returned home to the polluted air. It feels as if I was free but then put back in captivity, that thought made me grimace. Humans capture so many animals and put them in zoos with many enclosures so much smaller and depressing then what they are use too. I know humans do it for learning, and to help the population, but even if we are helping them, they don't know that, or feel any better.
But I suppose that there is not much people can do, whether animals like it or not, their going to continue taming the wild.
Every race likes dominance.

New to the Community
Hello, I am new hence the subject. I wanted to introduce myself properly so you all can accept me into the community a little better.

My name is Shadow_Searcher, Or you may call me Kristi if you like. I don't want to beat around the bush so I will just come out straight, I have been soul searching myself, studying and meditating for a long time. Just recently I was searching online for essays to help my search.
I came along a site called Thebaide. I looked over the essays there and the links, and found this community. Of course I jumped on the chance to talk with people that have been doing this longer then me. So I signed up, and am now hoping to be able to be as active as I can. I prefer to observe more then be in the conversation myself, but if it interests me, or something of that matter know that I will make time to post.
Be assured I do NOT plan to spam this place with junk, lie/rp things, mess with people, or involve myself in idiotic arguments or posts. Because I am not a fan of conflict. Sorry for being so formal and serious, I like to search. So getting into stupid things, is a waste so I'd rather avoid it.

I apologize in advance if I say something that isn't what you believe, but insults are not needed just give me your opinion on it. I am open to suggestions/ideas/ and everything else. I don't have a set of beliefs that I would hurt some one over if they didn't agree. Because having a closed mind isn't all that fun now is it? =)
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Essay: The Watcher
The Hermetic Dog - Conjuring
The WatcherCollapse )

X-posted to my personal journal, primaldog. A response to a prompt almost two months late--I'm still getting my steam back, as it were.

My Introduction continued
Ok so… I’m not exactly sure where to start with this post.. Except I guess with an actual introduction and then moving on from there... so...here goes..

Short HistoryCollapse )

I’m not quite sure where else to go with this post… and I’ve written much more than I thought I ever could on such short notice/so quickly. But hopefully I’ve explained it in a manner that you can all understand, without the usual cliché’s and stereotypes.

An Introduction...
Hello.. I'm just stopping in to say that I've put in to join this community. I really hope that I can be an active member. Its late right now but it anyone would like for me to delve deeper into the explanations of my 'anthropocentric' tendencies *dodges rocks and bottles* x.X or my animalistic qualities I would be more than happy to post such an entry... just not at 2am :/..

I hope you all are nice :)

Late prompt essay
feral words
I finally got this essay finished, even though I had planned to start and finish it a few weeks ago.  There's the potential for me to eventually add some more to it (in the copy I'll have on my site), particularly in the cat and horse sections, if I should later on decide to include any other aspects or experiences that seem relevant which I didn't cover in it at this point.